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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Thank you for submitting your Custom Order Request!  As noted on our social media feeds we are fully booked on all custom orders through July 14th, 2021. If your event is FOR AFTER  July 14, 2021, we look forward to responding to your request in the order it was received.  Kindly remember that no request is considered a confirmed order until it has been paid in full via our PAYPAL invoicing system.  We do anticipate being able to respond to most inquiries within 1-3 business days from the time we receive your initial request.  In some instances the initial response to your request may take longer.   Please do not call the bakery directly as they do not have access to inquiry information and our in-person staff cannot provide quote information.

As of 11/1/2020 The Hive Bakeshop recommends all clients submit their custom order requests at least 2 weeks prior to the date they need their request fulfilled.  In some instances we can accommodate requests sent with less notice based on availability.   The Hive Bakeshop also reserves the right to apply a rush charge fee for any request we accept with 3 days notice or less.

Due to high demand for custom orders , holiday pre-orders, and overall general demand,  we cannot fulfill all order requests.  Even when a request is submitted with ample notice, please understand we may already be fully booked on your day.  We may try to propose an alternate day pickup to accommodate your request.

Custom order requests are only accepted online- we do not accept in-store requests in an effort to reduce time spent in line for all customers.   At the completion of submitting your inquiry you will receive an automated email that confirms we have received your order request and will be with you as soon as we can to help you turn your request into a completed order.  No order request is considered finalized without final payment and written invoice.  If you do not receive an email stating we received your request while using this online system it means your request did not go through on your end.  We will not expedite your request due to requests that were allegedly sent but not received. 


If you continue to experience trouble with your browser, internet,  or other potential issues kindly submit your request including all the information we request via direct email at:  hivebakeshop@gmail.com.   NOTE:  You will not receive an auto-response when you submit a request via this method .


We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and memorable custom order!

Custom Orders

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    What date is your custom order/custom cake needed? WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAY-TUESDAY. (Please remember we ask for a minimum of 2 week's advance notice for all custom orders)
  • Must be during business hours. Business hours are WED-SAT 10:30 AM- 5 PM

Due  to  tedious,  handcrafted  nature  of  our  products,  we  are  unable  to  provide  refunds  or  exchange  custom  cakes,  cake  pops, cupcakes, cookies, or any custom created orders. Once  a  cake/custom order (hereby referred to as “cake”)  has  been  picked  up  by  you  or  a  designated  party  it  is  considered  “Accepted”.  All  products  are  the  responsibility  of the  customer  once  it  leaves  our  shop.  Refunds  requested  due  to  decorating  style,  color  shade  or  general  decoration  design  will not  be  honored.  We  only  give  refunds  in  accordance  with  refund  policies  stated  above.   We  bake  one  day  and  decorate  the  next.  If  you  need  to  postpone  your  cake  for  another  date,  we  require  at  least  one  week  notice. With  less  notice,  we  can  reschedule  your  order  (depending  on  availability)  however  you  may  incur  an  extra  charge  to  re-bake  the cake/recreate  the  elements  on  the  cake.  If  you’d  like  to  change  the  flavor  of  your  cake,  we  require  72  hours’  notice and will do our best to make these changes but do not guarantee a change can be made.  3D  Cakes, sculpted cakes, or cakes with heavy fondant elements require  at  least  one  week’s  notice  if  changes  want  to  be  made  to  the  cake  or  to  change  the  date.   Cake  flavor  and  texture  is  subjective.  Refunds  requested  due  to  flavor  or  texture  after  cake  has  been  accepted  and  picked  up  will not  be  honored.  You  may  qualify  for  a  store  credit  if  the  product  is  brought  back  to  us  and  the  quality  of  the  cake  flavor  or texture  is  determined  not  to  meet  our  standards  (Our  cakes  are  tasted  daily  to  insure  highest  possible  quality).  Quality determination  is  solely  at  the  discretion  of  The Hive Bakeshop.

Please keep  in  mind  variety  in temperature  and  humidity  may  impact  the  flavor,  overall  design,  or  texture  of  the  cake  to  some  degree.  Please  understand  we cannot  control  changes  in  texture  or  changes  in  color  or  shape  due  to  weather  conditions.    All custom orders are required to be pre-paid in full to be considered finalized. Deposits for weddings or orders requiring contractual agreements are also non-refundable. These payments/deposits are non-refundable. If  you  cancel  a  cake  order  before  we  have  a  chance  to  deliver  it  to  you,  there  is  NO Refund.  If  you  pre-paid  in  full,  or  placed  a  partial  deposit,  you  will  NOT  get  a  refund  if  you  cancel  your  order  before  we  have  a chance  to  deliver  it  to  you or if you are picking it up at the bakery.

The  following  3  scenarios  are  the  only  instances  when  we  will  provide  a  full  refund:

1. If  we  fail  to  deliver  your  cake  on  the  date  and  time  stated  on  your  contract  for  your  wedding,  or  event.  Due to traffic conditions in the DMV area, if  we  deliver the  cake  2  hours  late,  or  less  we  will  NOT  provide  a  refund.
Further,  if  customer  provides  wrong  date,  time  or  address for  delivery,  we  will  NOT  provide  a  refund.  **We  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  additional  expenses  that  you  incur  as a  result  of  our  failure  to  deliver  the  cake.  Our  liability  is  limited  to  the  contracted  value  of  the  cake.**

2. If  you  come  to  our  store  for  “pick  up”  and  the  cake  does  not  meet  your  expectations,  we  may elect in our sole discretion to give  you  a  refund  (minus 50%  handling/cancellation  fee).  This  refund  will  be  in  place  of  a  check  (NO  CASH  or  CREDIT  refunds  will  be  given) NOTE:  If  we  give  you  a  refund,  you  CANNOT  keep  the  cake.  You  only  get  the  refund  if  you  refuse  to  “accept”  the cake.  We  will  NOT  negotiate  a  partial  refund  if  you  keep  the  cake.  This  is  a  “take  it,  or  leave  it”  policy.

3.  If  we  deliver  the  cake  to  you  and  the  cake  does  not  meet  your  expectations,  we may elect to give  you  a  refund  (minus  50% handling/cancellation  fee).  NOTE:  If  we  give  you  a  refund,  you  CANNOT  keep  the  cake.  You  only  get  the  refund  if you  do  not  “accept”  the  cake.  If  you  request  a  refund  at  time  of  delivery,  you  MUST  give  us  back  the  cake.  We  will NOT negotiate  a  partial  refund  if  you  keep  the  cake.  This  is  a  “take  it,  or  leave  it”  policy.  We  are  not  responsible  for any  expense  you  may  incur  for  replacing  our  cake.

We take the satisfaction of our customers with the utmost seriousness. Be believe we only put out the highest of quality of products. We do  not  give  refunds  under  any  other  circumstances.  Refunds, if given,  are  given  within  7  days.