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Custom Order Requests

Custom Order Requests

Custom Order Requests

Private Consultations” are an exclusive service provided by an owner or senior cake artist for customers who have very specialized needs, or complex requirements. This exclusive service ensures you speak directly to an experienced cake artist who can provide you with professional guidance on how to best accomplish the design theme for your special event. This service is primarily for customers who are planning an extravagant event. Private consultations are available on Fridays or Saturdays, via Zoom or telephone calls and must be booked in advance. The cost for a Private Consultation is $40 for 30 minutes to discuss and confirm the details of a custom order request. This non-refundable fee is collected at the time a consultation is booked and does not go towards the cost of your cake/custom order. Once your private consultation is booked you will be contacted via Zoom or telephone at your scheduled appointment time.

The Hive Bake Shop neither requires, nor recommends, customers book a private consultation to process a custom order request. Customers may visit the shop during scheduled in-store shopping hours as advertised via our social media and the bake shop staff will be glad to answer basic questions for you and can submit your custom order request in our online ordering system for you. For more information about our online ordering system see “Section II. Understanding the Online Ordering Process” under our Policies Regarding Custom Order Inquiries.

Please note a private consultation is not the same service as a Wedding Consultation. For Wedding Consultation information email us at orders@hivecakeshop.com or submit a custom order request for wedding consultation information and a Cake Artist will contact you. You may also use the custom order request form on this page to request a Private Consultation or email us directly to schedule this service.

Cash refunds are limited to the following:

  • Wedding orders cancelled in accordance with the terms of a wedding contract
  • Custom orders cancelled before any production costs, including labor, are incurred
  • Paid deliveries which are not delivered within two hours of your designated delivery time. Refunds for late deliveries are limited to the cost of delivery and the Hive Bake Shop does not accept responsibility for late deliveries that result from being provided an incorrect address.

Please review your wedding contract for detailed information describing cancellation requirements. The Hive Bake Shop does not offer cash refunds for custom orders accepted by the customer, or customer’s designee, when picked up or delivered. Refunds in the form of an in-store credit may be granted for accepted orders at the sole discretion of an owner.


Refunds are not considered for any of the following reasons:

  • Decorating style, color shade or general decoration design did not copy exactly what was provided in a picture. This is due to the fact cake artistry is subject to copyright infringement laws which requires us to create our own original interpretation of your design theme. We do our best to meet your theme design, but cannot promise to replicate photos exactly.
  • Order was cancelled, or postponed, after production costs have already been incurred. (If you postpone an order at least 7 days before the pickup date, we will do our best to reschedule to a later date at no cost. This courtesy is subject to availability on the bake schedule.)
  • Order for a 3-dimensional (3D) cake, sculpted cake, or cakes with heavy fondant elements for which special order elements or ingredients have already been ordered. The customer will be charged for all production costs incurred and the balance of the custom order costs will be provided in the form of an in-store credit, to be applied to a future purchase.
  • Custom orders that have been consumed.


Understanding our Just-In-Time Baking Schedule Process

The Hive Bake Shop is committed to top quality and freshness. For this reason, we do not bake and freeze custom cakes ahead of time to increase our capacity for fulfilling orders.  Instead, we adhere to a Just-In-Time baking schedule to provide you with the freshest, top quality custom cakes possible. This process is described in detail below to provide you with insight into how production charges may be incurred for orders not cancelled seven days before an order is scheduled for pickup.

I.   Custom orders are reviewed seven days in advance to confirm all supplies needed to complete the order are on hand. This could involve ordering figurines, colored fondant, flavorings, icing, sprinkles, airbrushing paints, etc.

II.   Fondant features, if needed, are created 2-3 days in advance to ensure they setup properly. More extravagant cakes make require artists to begin creating features earlier.

III.   Cakes/cupcakes/macrons are baked 1-2 days in advance so they will be ready for the cake artist to decorate in time to complete before the designated pickup time. This ensures each custom order is fresh and meets our high quality standards. (Cake flavor changes must be requested at least 3 days in advance of the designated pickup date to ensure we have the desired flavor on hand in the shop to accept the change. Additional costs may be incurred.)

IV.   All other custom order items are baked 12-24 hours in advance of the pickup time to ensure quality and freshness.

Our Just-In-Time Baking Schedule helps us provide you with the freshest, top quality product possible. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Just-In-Time baking schedule process and how production costs are incurred processing custom orders.

We very much enjoy giving back to our community and surrounding areas through the support of donations and other monetary contributions.  We kindly ask that all requests are written via email to the attention of Rebekah and Sally Ontiveros at orders@hivecakeshop.com.   We receive multiple requests and do our best as a small, local business to support and contribute to as many as possible.  However, we simply cannot support everyone-  we appreciate your understanding that no matter how much we may want to help we may not always be able to.

For any appearance, mentorship opportunities, speaking or other requests please also send them in writing so we can respond to them as soon as possible!  It’s a busy bakeshop, so we really don’t want to lose a business card or contact info…..EMAIL IS BEST!

Please note that we have a NO SOLICITATION POLICY for inside our bakeshop and appreciate everyone adhering to this policy. 

I. Ground rules

a.) Placing your order two-weeks before your desired date is highly recommended due to high demand.

b.) We are not an allergy free facility.

c.) All orders are processed in the order they are received through this online system. This includes orders initiated in the Hive Bake Shop. This rule applies to all including friends and family:)

d.) Order pickup days/times are limited to the bake shop’s regular business hours as follows:

Wednesday   10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday      10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday           10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday       10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

e.) “Business days” for order processing are defined as Monday – Friday. Your cake order quote will arrive on one of these business days. Please monitor your email during the week to ensure you do not miss your order quote.

f.) Orders are finalized when payment is received.

II. Understanding the Online Ordering Process

a.) An order is submitted through online system.

b.) Online system generates a timestamped order and remits automatically generated emails to the customer and a Hive Bake Shop Cake Artist. These emails contain an exact copy of the order details submitted through the online system.

c.) Hive Bake Shop Senior Cake Artist reviews order details and generates a quote for customer’s review and acceptance. Acceptance of a custom order is confirmed by paying a quote by the due date indicated on the PayPal invoice. Payment of an order quote secures a customer’s spot on the baking schedule. Orders are not considered final, until payment is received.

d.) If a Cake Artist needs more information to generate a quote, s/he sends customer an email requesting the additional information. Please note, Hive Bake Shop Cake Artists do not stop processing orders when more information is needed to complete an order. This means if more information is needed to generate an accurate quote, the Cake Artist will proceed with providing quotes for subsequent orders in the queue while waiting for the information requested. It is not uncommon for subsequent orders to be finalized while waiting for information from an order received earlier. Because orders are only finalized when they are paid, it is possible for the bake schedule to fill up when subsequent orders are processed and paid. For this reason, we recommend you monitor your email for follow up communications from our Cake Artist. We cannot guarantee the bake schedule will not fill up for your preferred date while we are waiting for more information to provide you with an accurate quote.

III. Partial or Incomplete Orders

We are not responsible for delays caused by submitting partial, incomplete, or incorrect order information.

IV. Spam Folder Delays

We are not responsible for ordering delays that result from misdirected or missed emails. Our goal is to process every online submission as timely as possible in the order received. Spam folder delays can prevent your order from being processed timely. Checking your email address immediately after submitting a custom order request in the online system to confirm our email is not directed to a Spam folder can help you prevent delays in processing an order.

V. Internet Issues

We understand the Internet is not always accessible or convenient for customers. If you are not able to submit your custom order request through our online system, we have two options available to assist you with submitting an order.

Option 1:  Come into the Hive Bake Shop on Wednesday or Thursday between 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and our staff can answer your basic questions (e.g., cake sizes, serving sizes, cake flavors) and initiate your custom order request for you in our online system. This is a free service.

Option 2: Submit your custom order request information via email and we will enter it in our online ordering system for you. Please send the following to orders@hivecakeshop.com.

Name: (First and Last Name)
Pickup Date: (must be a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday)
Preferred Pickup Time: (must be between 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
Number of Servings needed:
Cake Flavor: (e.g., Chocolate Cake with vanilla frosting, Key-lime Cake with Coconut Frosting)
Cake Theme/Description: (Please be as descriptive as possible and provide as much detail to describe what your design requirements are for your event. For example, if this is a baby shower, please let us know what the color scheme and theme is for the event. Or, if this is a birthday, please specify details such as, this is for a 10-year old boy named Levi who loves Godzilla.)
Optional Image Upload: (Providing an image of a design that illustrates what you have in mind for your Cake/Theme Description will help us provide you an accurate quote. If you do not have a design in mind, please visit our Instagram feed or Facebook page for ideas that can be uploaded with your custom order request. Please note we do not copy the work of other artists as that infringes on a cake artist’s copyright. Providing an image for us is used solely to determine whether we can execute a similar level of artistry desired given the time available on our bake schedule for your designated pickup date. For example, if you provide a 3-tiered Winnie the Pooh themed cake picture for your event on a date when we have booked four weddings, we may not be able to accommodate your design requirements due to booked orders. Whereas, we might be able to accommodate Winnie the Pooh themed cupcakes for your event instead.)

Custom Orders

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    What date is your custom order/custom cake needed? We schedule custom order pickups Mondays- Saturdays. (Please remember we prefer 2 week's advance notice for all custom orders)
  • Business Hours Defined as Mondays-Thursday 9 am to 5 pm. Friday/Sat: 8 am to 1 pm. We are closed Sundays.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.