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Espresso Chocolate Truffle

Espresso Chocolate Truffle

Espresso Chocolate Truffle

Espresso Chocolate Truffle

As kids Sally and I grew up learning all about classic French cuisine from our Papa John. Papa was Belgian, but grew up in France, and had a wealth of knowledge of food, wine, and life in general. One of our favorite memories of our Papa John was making classic French Truffles with him when we were little. As we are all cooped up at home and relying on what we have in our pantries we cannot help but think of one of Papa’s favorite sayings, ” The best wine is the one in your glass.” Meaning that even the most expensive wine does you no good if you cannot drink it. We apply this way of thinking to many methods of our baking and so we always encourage our followers to do so as well. Don’t have dark chocolate- no sweat! Use milk chocolate! Don’t have cocoa powder? Use sprinkles! After all, the best truffle is the one in your mouth.

To Make a Truffle you will need:

3/4 Cup Heavy Cream

10 oz Dark Chocolate Chips (we like Valrhona or Guittard)

1 TSP Espresso Extract

1/2 TSP Vanilla Extract

Dutch cocoa to coat (or sprinkles or whatever you want to top with)

Using either a microwave or stove top, bring cream just to the beginning of a rolling boil. Add directly to the chocolate in a bowl that can withstand heat. Mix until a creamy ganache is formed. Add your extracts now and make sure that the consistency remains the same. Note: If you end up using oils they are often much more potent than extracts and you will only need about 1/4 of what you would use if you were using extracts.

Let the ganache set in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Be careful to not let it get too hard; just let it set up until it holds its own shape. Scoop truffles or roll and then cover with cocoa powder or other topping. Serve. Total Time: Approximately 30 minutes